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New! View elevation and compare time and distance gaps

  • See the elevation profile of your activity
  • Time ahead/behind lines of selected activities
  • Zoomable distance axis follows your activity during playback
  • Improved playback accuracy and speed controls
  • Now showing time of day instead of elapsed time
  • New color theme and Mapbox/OpenStreetMap map

The new compare tool displays distance and elevation along your activity. Selected activities are projected onto your activity path along all sections where you traveled the same path.

The colored circles show the projected positions of selected activities. Each colored line plots the time gaps between a selected activity and the main activity. The main activity appears as a flat black line.

In the example above, near mile 10 red was 3 minutes ahead of black. Had red stopped at mile 10, black would have caught up in 3 minutes.

Near mile 10, black accelerates and drops blue. Black is now moving the fastest. At the time shown as red nears mile 11, black is only about 30 seconds behind. View this example.

Playback Controls
Play/pause, and step through time. Change play speed and seek to any time in your activity.
Activity List
A list of other Strava Athletes you crossed paths with (+ the main activity). Check to add to the playback.
Flyby Locations
See exactly where you passed by others on your activity.
The Map
Shows the position at the given time and full path of every selected activity.

Activity Attributes

Attribute Explanation
Flyby A (✓) means that this activity was a flyby with the primary activity. This means that the activity was within 50 meters of you at some point, and did not ride with you for an extended period of time (has a low correlation).
Correlation Percentage of time that this activity was close to the primary activity. Correlations over 30% are considered group activity matches in Strava.
Spatial Correlation Time independent similarity of activity to the primary activity. An activity travelling the same course will have a high spatial correlation regardless of the speed or start time of the activity.
Distance Total distance of each activity in miles.