Strava Engineering: osm

Serving Maps for the World's Athletes

The Strava mobile clients and website render millions of map images every day to provide geographic context to activities, routes, segments, and more. [We use and love Mapbox]( for our interactive maps on the web, but because of our high volume of requests, we came to a point where it was more economical to build our own static map service.

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Get on the map!

Our new maps are based on OpenStreetMap, and they can be improved by anyone, including you. Using Mapbox tools and OpenStreetMap data, we tailor our maps to the needs of runners, cyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts. Not only is OpenStreetMap free, but it's easy to access and update, which is critical in our rapidly changing world. Read on to learn how to share your geographic knowledge with other athletes and the global OpenStreetMap community.

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